Solutions For Business Owners

Owning your own business can be both challenging and rewarding. At Newmark Group, we understand business owners. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners, and we know how vital it is to make informed decisions. We also understand that you are busy running your business, and we are here to help you. Whether it’s managing expenses, overseeing your investments, cash management solutions or workplace retirement planning, we are familiar with needs common to business owners and entrepreneurs.

For business owners, your company is a significant asset and an integral part of your financial security. Many entrepreneurs have invested years building their business and taking significant risks. Financial planning for business owners needs to be thorough. By integrating the facets of personal and business life, we can put you in a better position for your overall financial success.

At Newmark Group, we provide solutions to needs that are distinct for business owners. We advise clients on matters ranging from raising capital, managing cash and stock options, and establishing employee retirement plans. We understand the importance of taking care of valued employees, just as we understand the importance of taking care of our clients. Your Newmark advisor will help you find the optimal retirement and benefit solutions for your people.

We work closely with business owners, setting up succession plans and ensuring future financial needs will be met when the time comes to sell your business. Your business is an important asset, and selling it is a key aspect of your financial security. It can involve issues of estate planning, retirement planning, tax minimization, among others. Your Newmark advisor will collaborate with your legal and tax advisors to ensure you understand all your options and that your interests are looked after.

At Newmark Group, our investment advisors are well-versed in the distinct needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. They are experienced in integrating your personal and professional finances. By thoroughly understanding your ambitions and doing a comprehensive evaluation of all of your resources, we can ensure you make well-informed decisions and take a big-picture approach to your personal and professional investments. Our business is to help you stay focused on your business. We support you and your business in every way possible, so you can prosper financially and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Whatever you need, we provide the expertise to help you reach your goals.