The Newmark Client Experience​

Money is a personal topic, and it’s important to find an investment advisor that you feel comfortable with. Investing is about more than making money. Successful long-term wealth creation involves taking stock of where you are now, where you want to go, and what your core values are. For many new clients, having these discussions with an investment advisor can be the first time they’ve thought about these issues. Wealth management is about ensuring that your needs are met. It’s about building a better future–for yourself, your family and everything that is meaningful to you. Working with a professional investment advisor gives people an opportunity to clarify their priorities and examine their lives from different angles.

Communication Builds Confidence

The process of creating a personal investment plan ensures that the investment advisor fully understands the client and the client’s life. This enables an advisor to make recommendations that are ideally suited to each client’s unique needs and characteristics. And it enables you, the client, to make the best possible decisions. Incorporated into a written investment plan are measurable benchmarks. Clients can make sure they are on track. Investment advisors have the opportunity to find out about material changes in their clients’ lives, so they can make suitable adjustments as needed. A client starting a family may want to open an education savings account and ensure that they have adequate insurance, for example. Regular communication gives advisors the information to make the best possible recommendations to their clients and gives clients confidence about their financial security.

Benefits of Working with a Newmark Advisor:

  • Identifying optimal, quality, diversified investments
  • Creating a bespoke investment plan to achieve your goals, within your comfortable risk tolerance
  • Providing objectivity during periods of stress or change
  • Giving you the knowledge and confidence to feel in control of your future
  • Having peace of mind from regular communication with your advisor keeping you on track

Choosing an Investment Advisor

The best investment advisor is the person best for you. Your comfort and communication style should drive your decision making. Not every investment is appropriate for every investor. By ensuring that you find an investment advisor that you can communicate well with, you can be confident of getting investment advice that is optimal for you. Wealth management and asset protection are an ongoing process. Successful clients have long-standing relationships with financial professionals. Find someone that understands you, keeps you on track, and that you can count on. Together, you’ll make the right decisions. Making the best decisions in a timely manner is the essence of investment management.