Our Investment Philosophy

Successful investors grow wealth over time. They don’t chase the market. We’ve helped generations of investors achieve financial security by sticking to our core principles: invest for the long term, seek quality, maximize growth and minimize risk through diversification. We maintain this philosophy through all market cycles.

Focused On Quality

Decades of experience in the markets have taught our investment professionals how to identify quality. Our analysts do extensive due diligence in order to select investments we are confident will perform well through good and bad markets. Our goal is to steer you towards quality investments that will move you forward to meet your goals.

Taking A Long-Term View

Time has proven that the best way to grow and preserve wealth is through a long-term approach to investing. Never chase the market or jump on the latest bandwagon. However, buy and hold does not mean buy and forget. Your situation can change, as can a company’s. Having a written investment plan and working with a professional advisor ensure objectivity through the ups and downs of one’s investment journey.


Proper diversification is statistically proven to be the most effective tool to balance maximizing growth and reducing risk. Achieving that balance requires understanding how much diversification is sufficient. Overdiversification provides little marginal benefit to most investors but increases expenses, which eat into returns.

Our Recommendations Process

There are no shortcuts to hard work. Our investment selection process involves discipline, experience, and rigor. We know how hard you work to make money and build your life. Because of this, we are highly selective with the investments we recommend. We are committed to providing the best investment opportunities for every client. Newmark Group analysts maintain a high level of discipline in their approach. They only suggest recommendations that are in line with our values of buying quality, holding for the long-term, and optimizing diversification. Their recommendations are a starting point for your investment advisor, who will then select from among them to recommend the investments that align with your personal financial strategy. We operate as a unified team, and together we support your financial advisor, who will work with you every step of the way. Together, we create a roadmap to get you where you need to go with confidence.