Retirement Planning

At Newmark Group, we work closely with clients, developing plans so you can enjoy retirement on your own terms. Even if retirement is a long way off, by planning ahead, you can ensure that you’ll live comfortably when you stop working. Retirement planning isn’t just about money. It takes into account the many areas that impact one’s quality of life. Besides finances, this should include family, health, and a sense of purpose. While you can’t control the markets, advanced planning and strategic decision making go a long way toward securing your future. Saving for the future need not be at the expense of enjoying life in the present. Your investment advisor will work with you to help you calculate what your needs will be, and actions you can take now to meet those needs. Thanks to the power of compounding, the earlier you start, the less you’ll need to set aside on a regular basis.

Taking Control of Your Future

There are three major factors affecting retirement planning: time, money and return. Time refers to how long you have to save. Money refers to how much you need to have saved. Return refers to how much your investments will earn over time. While it may feel like you have little control over the return, you have more control than most clients realize. By taking control of time and money by starting early and saving regularly, you can achieve your goals regardless of prevailing interest rates and market conditions. Good decisions lead to good outcomes.

Retirement planning does not stop once you retire. Most people now live decades after the cessation of work. Your retirement plan should get you through retirement, not just to the starting gate. The biggest risk most people face is not market risk, but inflation risk. As prices rise over time, the purchasing power of your assets needs to keep up. Growth investments continue to play an important role in one’s portfolio.

Investing for retirement–both before and after–means striking the right balance between ensuring your assets have enough growth potential without exposure to unnecessary investment risk. Your Newmark advisor will partner with you to recommend the optimal asset allocation in high quality, diversified securities. As you approach retirement, your advisor will also ensure that your portfolio is geared towards generating a regular income stream, considering dividend and interest payments.